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Positive. Intimate. Erotic. Vanilla.

Erotic audio is a growing phenomenon, but as with anything relatively new, there's a lot of generalization. Up to now, there have been few places (if any) for lovers of sizzling vanilla sex to find only those kinds of audios, without having to search through every other kind of theme and possibly encounter disturbing, or upsetting or even questionably legal content.





We all know sexuality is a complex thing, and there are as many different preferences, kinks, and fantasies as there are stars in the sky. We're not about shaming anyone, or making judgments - we're simply about celebrating 'vanilla' sexuality in audio form - it's our kink, if you will.

Vanilla is a new public timeline-based platform dedicated to audio performers and writers of vanilla adult content. Audios are posted to the timeline regularly, and visitors can scroll down through the posts to see descriptive covers which will tell them what kind of audio it is, whether it's a male or female voice, and who the intended audience is. For example:

Descriptions below each audio describe the title with the required tags and the audio length, followed by a brief description of the audio itself. Below that are #tags with keywords and the creator's name. All hashtags are clickable, so users can easily find themes or creators they like. For example:

Unlike many new platforms expanding into this area, Vanilla Audio is created by and for genuine lovers of erotic audio. Many of our performers have been involved with this art form for years, and understand the unique intimacy and eroticism that immersive, intimate audio can provide. We love what we do, and have been doing it as a labour of love for years.

We aren't a start-up, or backed by investors, and our main goal is to make love, not money. But running a site isn't free, and in the spirit of wanting to compensate performers for their hard work and creativity, we have a simple membership plan for those who wish to take part.

For a small monthly fee, members will have access to all the erotic audios marked as 'members only'. The exact number of members-only audios will vary from month to month, but members will be guaranteed a minimum of four, possibly much more. Some erotic audios on the site will be free to the public, as will all the SFW audios on the public timeline.

We aim to make Vanilla Audio a welcoming, friendly community where performers, writers, listeners and fans can interact and share their love of sensual, passionate sexuality.

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For the moment, Vanilla Audio is an invitation-only, curated site. Keep checking back for updates about how to be considered for inclusion, or contact us for more information