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About Vanilla Audio

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Whether you're a performer, writer, or audio fan, If you're interested in finding out more about Vanilla Audio, these pages will tell you everything you need to know about this unique community patronage platform for positive intimate audio.

Follow the menu links (and dropdown menus) above and below

to learn more about this amazing community.

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Vanilla Audio is for...
lovers of positive, intimate audio experiences

Vanilla is a public, timeline-based, multi-creator platform dedicated to intimate, erotic/non-erotic audio, for men and women over 18.

For those who enjoy vanilla-themed audio erotica and/or comforting, soothing audio over the various other types of media available, we provide a place to discover new voices, hear long-time favourites, and find out more about the artists behind this unique form of entertainment.

We all know sexuality is a complex thing, and there are as many different preferences, kinks, and fantasies as there are stars in the sky. We're not about shaming anyone, or making judgments - we're simply about celebrating 'vanilla' sexuality in audio form - it's our kink, if you will.

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Discover More about
Vanilla Audio
for Listeners
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Vanilla Audio is for...
Performers and writers of intimate audio


Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 22.17.12.png pays audio performers and writers for their work, and actively promotes them on social media to help spread the word about them. We're one of the only sites that consistently mentors, encourages, promotes and pays our talented performers, because we believe creators should be rewarded for their hard work.

We aren't a start-up with investor backing, and we will never run ads - we are proud to say we are 100% self-sustaining, meaning all our costs are covered by our members. Every dollar we earn goes directly towards paying creators for their wonderful work.

We are a curated site, which means the main timeline features audios selected by our editors. but each performer also receives their own Profile Page, on which they can add their own content and promote their other work, including arranging for commissions and promoting other paid platforms.


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