Terms of Use and Payment Information

When one of your works is licensed and posted to VanillaAudio.com, you must send us an invoice at the end of that month. We pay out to your PayPal on the 1st of the following month. We are a Canadian-based business and so our payout currency is Canadian dollars, but you will receive the equivalent of the USD amounts specified below. To receive your first payout, please read the following carefully:

In exchange for payment* of:


$100.00 per Original Content Exclusive erotic or semi-erotic audio (not published elsewhere)

$75.00 per Non-exclusive erotic or semi-erotic audio (published elsewhere)

$50.00 per Non-erotic audio (OCE or published elsewhere)


$50.00 per Original Content Exclusive erotic script recorded by a performer
$37.50 per Non-exclusive erotic script recorded by a performer

$25.00 per non-erotic scripts recorded by a performer


*Example - 1 Original Content Exclusive erotic audio, 1 non-erotic audio and 1 non-erotic script of yours are posted in September, you may invoice us for $175.00 on October 1st, with no further royalties or payments paid for these works. If additional works of yours are posted in the following months, you will be paid for them under the same terms. There is no extra payment for fulfilling your own scripts.

You will be notified by email whenever we post an audio of yours. Please send us an invoice at the end of the month your audio is posted and we will issue payment by Paypal. (see an example invoices here)



In exchange for a performer’s or author’s credit only (at my request):


  • To allow selected audio recordings of mine to be published by VanillaAudio.com, which may include , VanillaAudio.com, Vanilla Audio Exclusives, Reddit.com, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and other marketing platforms. I agree to allow these audios to be made available to the public.

  • To allow VanillaAudio.com to charge a membership fee to subscribers to hear certain audios of mine, at the discretion of Vanilla Audio, with no further royalties or consideration due to me beyond the initial payment.

  • To allow VanillaAudio.com to promote these audios using my user name, likeness or logo as agreed upon, respecting my anonymity at all times.



  • I am over 18, and it is legal to produce this material in my jurisdiction.

  • I am solely responsible for any taxes, transfer fees, exchange fees, or other financial obligations resulting from this payment.

  • I must invoice VanillaAudio.com by the last day of the month my audio appears

  • I am not guaranteed a minimum number of paid audios per month.

  • I am limited to a maximum of 5 non-erotic audios and 5 erotic audios per month.

  • I own the copyright to all material submitted to Vanilla Audio, or I have permission of the copyright holder to include their intellectual property in my submission, except:

    • In the event of Vanilla Audio commissioning a custom audio from me, for exclusive publication on Vanilla Audio alone, that I am performing this audio on a work-for-hire basis and do not own the copyright to it. In the event that I wish to leave Vanilla Audio, OCE submissions are the property of Vanilla Audio and may not be removed upon request.

If you agree to these terms, please click this link to send us an email. In your email, include your User Name and Paypal Address. You will only have to do this once, and your monthly payments will begin.