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Retro Microphone
  • Get paid for your positive erotic or comforting audios

  • Promote your other platforms, sites and custom work

  • Reach thousands of new listeners a month

  • Make the world a more sex-positive place

  • For male or female performers and listeners of any orientation

Vanilla Audio started out with the simple idea of paying performers and writers for their work. And while many Vanillagers donate their work to the project, we now have more than 50 performers and writers who make extra income from their creativity. Find out more below, and follow the links for further details. is a curated site, meaning there is editorial oversight as to which audios and performers appear. We do this to maintain our core values and present only the Vanilla-themed content our listeners appreciate.
If you're not sure about the kind of content we publish, please read through our Info For Listeners page to familiarize yourself with our core values and what we will and won't publish.

We choose all the audios and performers that will appear on the main timeline. We typically choose our performers and audios from those posted on our subreddit, r/Vanillaaudio and through our main submission form - but sometimes we actively recruit from elsewhere.

We pay for all exclusive content that appears on, unless the performer wishes to donate their work to us. Find out more about payment terms here, or click below.


Getting Paid
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