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For Listeners

Vanilla Audio is about, by and for you.

We're all about vanilla (see our Core Values below) audio erotica, written and performed or improvised by those who have loved erotic audio for years. We're about paying performers and writers for their hard work, and developing a community of like-minded vanilla lovers (we lovingly call it "The Vanillage" and all of us are "Vanillagers").

What sets us apart is that we are truly community-based - our standards and values, and the type of content we will and won't include - is driven by our listeners, who have told us what kinds of content they do and don't want to hear.

Although is a curated site run by content editors who carefully choose which audios and performers to feature, our decisions are guided largely by what our audience has asked for.

New Vanilla Core Values.jpg

Within this framework, our audios span a diverse range of themes, styles, and subjects - far from being 'porn for women' or 'making love by candlelight' (although we do have audios that fit both of those descriptions), our performers create a wide variety of audios on many different themes. Our erotic audios feature everything from tender lovemaking to ferocious fucking, roughness and gentleness, mild domination/submission or sweet sensuality. You'll hear ASMR, hypnosis, girlfriend/boyfriend role play, JOIs and countdowns, rambles and scripted audioplays. There's no end to the creativity of our writers and performers, who bring new vitality to vanilla sexuality every day.

We also create non-erotic audios for those who enjoy tender affection, cuddles, help getting to sleep or words of inspiration. These audios are meant to comfort, enlighten, educate and support - and most of all, to help us connect with each and provide that basic human intimacy we all need.









What our audios aren't about

Based on feedback from our performers and our listeners, here's a basic list of what you won't hear on Vanilla Audio. There are many other audio sites that explore these themes and fantasies, we just enjoy the 'vanilla' end of the spectrum.

  • No taboo or illegal themes, even if presented as just fantasy or role play, such as rape/non-consent, underage characters, bestiality. The reason for this rule goes beyond our taste - since we are a site that takes signups, our credit card processor, like all processors, have a strict list of non-acceptable words that my not appear on our paid site, even if those audios are not for sale. We would not be able to take signups (and therefore pay performers) if we allowed these themes/words.

No incest or step-family themes (this includes anything family oriented, including "foster" or "exchange student sibling").

  • No violence, humiliation, degradation, name-calling or racism. Nothing that could be described as "dark" or "disturbing".

  • No words like "dirty" "naughty" "filth/filthy" "nasty" "slut" "whore" "dumpster"* or any other terms that depict sex (or people having sex) as negative, bad, shameful or unclean, even if portrayed within a loving relationship.

  • No findom, misogyny or misandry. No body shaming or SPH (small penis humiliation).

  • No cheating/cuckolding themes, no disrespecting someone's real life partner. No threesomes or group sex, (singles and couples of any sex/gender only).

  • No non-human characters, including monster girls, vore, furries or animalistic characters, fairies, elves, ghosts, aliens etc.

  • No mind-control hypnosis, or any suggestion that hypnosis can change your behavior or control your actions, make body parts grow, etc.

  • No misleading information or unexpected surprises in the audio, we will tag audios for content as accurately as possible.


* We can't guarantee the odd word won't slip in now and then, and we don't want to police every performer - in general, though, we actively discourage these words.

How audios are tagged and titled


  • [F4M] - female voice for male listeners, [F4F] - female voice for female listeners, [F4A] female voice for all.

  • [M4F] - male voice for female listeners, [M4M] male voice for male listeners, [M4A] male voice for all.

  • Collaborations are tagged according to the number of performers - i.e. [MMF4A] - two male, one female, for all.

Audios are also tagged as [erotic], [semi-erotic] or [non-erotic]

  • [erotic] - this category involves sexuality, romance, and love. Erotic audios are typically immersive and intimate, where the performer is talking directly to the listener, and quite often involve role-play and fantasy. Sounds of sexuality are common, such as depictions of oral sex, orgasms, moans and groans, skin slapping, heavy breathing, etc. They can be scripted or improvised.  There are many different kinds of audios in this category, but they are all designed to titillate and bring pleasure.

  • [semi-erotic] -this category usually involves some sort of romantic aspect, without involving outright sex. They can include voicemail role-play, poetry, story telling, and any other kind of audio that doesn’t quite qualify as non-erotic, but doesn’t quite qualify as erotic either. They can be scripted or improvised.

  • [non-erotic] (sometimes called Cuddly, Inspirational, Comforting, SFW) - these are non-romantic, non-erotic audios that feature words of support or comfort, inspirational ideas, motivational thoughts, poetry, free verse, reading, and general rambles, or non-performance audios like podcasts and interviews. They can be scripted or improvised. These audios are usually free to listen to, unless they are Original Content Exclusives (see below).

Processor Rules
New Vanilla Audio Core Values 2.jpg
IMH_Auditory Testing.jpg
AF_Arranged Gratitude.jpg

Audios are either Public (free to listen to) or Exclusive (available only to subscribers). Original Content Exclusives are audios we commission from the performer for us alone, meaning it will never appear anywhere else but

HE_Caring For Your Migraine.jpg
TES_Let's Make Love.jpg
Public (free) audio
anyone can listen

Original Content Exclusive

available only to subscribers,

and only on

Exclusive - Available only

to subscribers

Unlike many new platforms expanding into this area, Vanilla Audio is created by and for genuine lovers of erotic audio. Many of our performers have been involved with this art form for years, and understand the unique intimacy and eroticism that immersive, intimate audio can provide. We love what we do, and have been doing it as a labour of love for years.

We aren't a start-up, or backed by investors, and we hate advertising on sites - besides, our main goal is to make love, not money. But running a site isn't free, and in the spirit of wanting to compensate performers for their hard work and creativity, we have a simple membership plan for those who wish to take part.

For a small monthly fee, members will have access to all the erotic audios marked as Exclusives. The exact number of members-only audios will vary from month to month, but members will be guaranteed a minimum of four, possibly much more. Some erotic audios on the site will be free to the public, including some posted by the performers themselves.

Once you join, your monthly price will remain the same as long as you stay subscribed (it won't increase with any price increases that might arise for new subscribers.) We are one of the few adult sites that is permitted to take PayPal (through our payment processor Epoch), and every membership dollar we earn goes directly towards paying creators for their work.

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 19.35.32.png

You can like or leave comments on your favourite content, or check out your favourite performers' individual Profile Pages, which feature bios, photos, images, videos and more. We empower our creators to earn income from their work on Vanilla Audio, and so through their Profile Pages you can tip them, or arrange custom work, or with selected performers, you have the option of joining their Private Posts area for more exclusive content.

We're sure you'll love what you hear on, but if you ever need to cancel your subscription, there's a link included in your sign-up confirmation email from Epoch that will lead you to their support page.

And if you ever have trouble with the site, follow the CONTACT link on the bottom of every page.

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