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About Vanilla Audio

How it Works

Our editors go through the submissions on our Submission Form, or audios posted on r/vanillaaudio, or, occasionally, will reach out to known performers in the audio community. From there, we decide which audios to post on, based on a number of factors, including:

  • M or F voice, type of listener it's for

  • Erotic or Non-erotic

  • Exclusive or Public

  • Number of audios already published by a performer

  • Performer's activity on r/vanillaaudio

  • General theme

If we choose an audio of yours and it's your first time appearing on, we will message you with instructions about setting up your profile, agreeing to our terms, providing payment information and other information. You can find out more about the process for new performers by visiting our Becoming a VA Performer page.

We create a cover image for the audio and post it to our main timeline under your account name (i.e. as if it were posted by you directly.) This allows you to receive and respond to comments directly.  We may promote the audio on r/vanillaaudio or our Twitter account (@vanilla_audio) / Instagram account, but in most cases, we will send you an email letting you know the audio is posted, and we ask that you:

  • Post it to your own social media yourself

  • Post it /r/vanillaaudio yourself

  • Promote your own post the way you would any other piece of content you've created and posted elsewhere.

We depend on word of mouth and social media reach to attract new listeners to, so part of having your work licensed by us includes your promotion of it.

Screenshot 2021-02-16 at 9.17.30

How the audios are posted

Non-erotic/cuddly/SFW Audios

  • Most SFW audios are free to the public, unless they are Original Content Exclusives.

  • The actual post consists of a single image, in the middle of which is a speaker icon. The listener clicks on the speaker and the audio plays, or, if you double click the image, a player control bar appears along the bottom of the image with a play button and other controls.

Screenshot 2021-07-04 at 2.11.43 p.m..png

Erotic / NSFW Audios

  • Some NSFW audios are free. Most are Original Content Exclusives.

  • The actual post works the same way as the non-erotic audios. Users simply click the speaker or the play button to play the audio.

Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 20.04.54.png
  • Some Erotic audios (and even some SFW audios) are Exclusives or Original Content Exclusives, meaning only paid members can listen to them. 


  • The actual post is the same as the free versions, except instead of a speaker there is a heart lock in the middle of the image. If they click the image or the play button, they are asked to join, and are then directed to our payment processing page if they wish. 


  • Once they receive a user name and password from our payment provider, Epoch, they are directed to the login page where they can enter their details. All audios will then be playable.

Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 20.01.36.png
Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 20.13.14.png


Once you are an established performer with your own Profile Page, you may post your own content with the hashtag #takeover, and it will appear in the main timeline along with the regular content. These posts aren't paid, but they re a way for you to promote yourself, your content, and your profile to new visitors, and can lead to new fans and buyers. We limit these posts to once a day, and the content must be non-nude, but beyond that, you're free to post whatever you'd like.

Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 20.29.16.png
Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 20.28.58.png
Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 20.28.42.png

Payment option

We strongly believe in paying creators for their hard work and creativity, and we've noticed that dedicated fans enjoy supporting their favourite creators, too. If you choose to be paid for your audios, here's how it works:

We pay you to produce unpublished Original Content Exclusives for us (erotic, semi-erotic or non-erotic). These are audios that have never appeared anywhere else, and which may not be published on any other platform without our permission. We own the copyright to these audios.
If you have recorded a script, please make sure you have the writer's permission to have their work appear on

We pay out on the first Monday of every month by PayPal, bank transfer, or whatever we mutually agree works best.

Please see our Terms and Payment page for more important information

Common Questions


Who can contribute audios?

common questions

For the moment, all performers audios are chosen by the editors, aside from #takeover audios posted by established Vanilla Audio performers. If you'd like to be considered for inclusion, please fill out our Submission Form.


Is there a minimum number of audios I have to produce or a schedule I will have to keep?

No, there are no minimums or schedules you have to keep, and you are not required to produce new content. In other words, there is no commitment required of you to be part of Vanilla Audio, and no expectations. Some months, depending on the number of performers we have or other factors, the number of audios we post will vary - some months you may not be featured at all (although we will try to make sure everyone has at least one audio posted), some months it may be up to five, our maximum for each performer. But again, there are no minimums either promised or expected.

Will you accept audios I've already posted somewhere else?

Yes, we don't mind if you have posted them elsewhere, like Reddit, Literotica, your Patreon, etc.

We would naturally prefer unpublished audios, in order to make Vanilla Audio a tempting place to visit. If we have content no one else has, it makes sense listeners and your fans will want to check us out often. The better the site does, the more often we can license audios from you, and the more we'll be able to pay you for them in the future.

And if we commission a special, new audio from you (just as if we were paying you to do a custom audio for us) then you can't post that anywhere else. Just think of us as a custom client in that case.

I do some vanilla themes, but what if I also do audios with themes you don't accept?

That's entirely your business. We simply license and promote only the audios of yours that do fit our values. Whatever else you do on other platforms is entirely up to you, and won't affect your inclusion on Vanilla Audio.

Do I keep my copyright? Can I keep the audios you license on my own site/subreddit etc?

For any non-erotic/public audios we publish - yes, you retain the copyright. You are simply allowing us to publish your audios under your user name through a non-exclusive license. You may continue to post them elsewhere. We hope that you'll promote Vanilla Audio along with any of your other platforms, to help make the site known. If you fill a script that has been offered on GWA or elsewhere, please credit the author and let them know where and when you've posted the audio.

For Original Content Exclusive audios that we commission from you - no, just as with custom audio commissions, any work we commission from you becomes ours and you may not publish it anywhere else without our permission. If you want to perform a script offered on GWA or elsewhere, you need to get their permission to produce this script for Vanilla Audio (ie not for public release). Some authors do not want their work used on membership sites.

Can I promote my other sites/custom work?

Absolutely. Feel free to promote all your platforms an arrange custom projects with your fans. Vanilla Audio is not involved with private transactions you negotiate with your customers. We are, however, fully supportive of any performer who wishes to monetize their work.

We simply ask that you promote us along with your other platforms, and keep in mind that sites like YouTube do not need promotion or traffic, whereas we do. Please don't use Vanilla Audio simply to lead people to other sites.

Do I have to provide images of myself?

No, that's entirely up to you. Many performers like to create signature logos or provide photos or graphics that represent them, and some like to show their listeners what they look like - whatever you choose to do is up to you. If you have no logo or graphic, we'll give you a generic placeholder image to use.

What if I want to leave and delete my account and audios?

We understand that sometimes a performer decides to retire from doing audio work, or feels it time to move on from Vanilla Audio. We will work with you, respecting your wishes as always, but please contact us if you are having any difficulties or are considering taking such a drastic step as deleting your account. We may be able to offer help or advice. 

However, if you would definitely like to leave, please consider the following:

  1. Creating and maintaining your Profile Page involves a large investment of time and resources, and cannot be undone quickly. We will work on removing your profile as expediently as possible, but as it not as simple as hitting a 'delete' button, please be patient.

  2. If you leave on good terms, with the spirit of goodwill, you will, of course, be welcome back in whatever form you choose (ie you would like to stop performing erotic content and focus only on non-erotic content, you want to return after a long hiatus, etc). You will also maintain posting privileges at our subreddit.

  3. Leaving with hostility towards the project or its participants, whether publicly expressed on social media or other platforms, or privately communicated to the editors, will result in a site ban and removal of posting privileges at our subreddit. The Vanilla Audio project is a safe, positive space for creators who share our values, and we have a zero tolerance policy for abuse, harassment or negativity towards the project or its creators.

  4. If we have paid to license non-exclusive content of yours and you request removal, we will, at our discretion, issue a PayPal request for reimbursement of the amount you were paid, or in some circumstances, a donation to charity in lieu of a refund.

  5. If we have paid for an Original Content Exclusive audio of yours, please be aware that we retain exclusive ownership and copyright of the audio and may or may not remove it from the site, at our sole discretion. Again, talk to us about your situation - we are committed to respecting our performers, and if you wish to part on good terms with mutual respect, we will work with you to make sure your needs are respected.  If you wish to discuss buying your content back, contact us.

Leaving Vanilla Audio
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