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Become a Vanilla Audio creator

There are generally two types of creators on and our community subreddit, r/vanillaaudio:

  • Hobbyists/Explorers/Just for Fun

  • Professional/Semi-Professional/Wannabe Professional

Maybe you're a bit of both...or maybe you'll switch from one to the other at some point - you don't have to choose one now.


However you see yourself, here's how to begin:

With few exceptions, everyone who appears on gets started on our subreddit by posting audios or scripts, introducing themselves to the community, engaging with other #Vanillagers and letting us get to know you.

The first video below will walk you through this first part of the  process.

From here, you can go on to learn more about becoming a paid contributor to

Video Part 1 - Getting Started

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The next step: 
Submitting work for consideration

If and when you're ready to submit your work for possible publication on, it's best to go through the rest of the information on this site to familiarize yourself with our Terms and Payment Process, etc.

The next step is to submit your audio using our Submission Form.

Please follow all instructions to give our editors as much information as possible about your audio. Please keep in mind a couple of key points:

  • If you are submitting an audio as an Original Content Exclusive, it can't be published anywhere else, and the link you provide us must be to a private listing (ie on Soundgasm, set it to Private)

  • If you are submitting a Non-Exclusive audio, you may publish it elsewhere, and you do not need to set it to private.

  • We will let you know as soon as possible if your audio is chosen.

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Setting up your profile

Before any new performer's audio is posted to the site, our editors create a unique Profile Page for the performer. You'll be asked to:

  • provide a logo or image you'd like to use as your avatar (it must be SFW and copyright-free)

  • let us know the name you'd like to use

You'll be given a user name and password so you can log into your new profile page and start setting it up. You'll also receive a PDF guide for new performers, to help you get started.

Your profile is where you'll introduce yourself to fans, let them know a bit about you, and post any audios, photos, videos, or text posts you'd like new and established fans to see.


This step is crucial to your success on Please visit our information page on Setting Up Your Profile, and watch the videos below to go through the steps of setting up and adding to your profile.

Part 2: Setting Up Your Profile

Part 3: Adding to Your Profile

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Promoting Yourself - and us

Please promote your newly published audio on both the subreddit, Twitter and Instagram.

All sites need traffic, and the best way to attract listeners and fans is to promote yourself and us.

We have no advertisers or corporate investors, we do not hire PR firms to pay for magazine articles about us. We are built entirely on word of mouth - so please let people know about us, and keep this amazing community going.

We are one of the few sites that has always paid all creators, based solely on membership revenue, and to keep doing so we need to attract as many listeners as possible.

Please help spread the word, and grow along with us.

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