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Private posts Account

In addition to the membership option of, where listeners pay a monthly fee to hear all the Exclusives we offer by various performers, we also offer certain creators their own Private Posts as well. In general, you must be an active member of (i.e. posting content to your profile page, and promoting it on social media, etc) for three months before you can apply for a Private Posts account.

If you have a Private Posts enabled, you will still be featured on as part of the general Vanillage, and you will still be paid for your work there - this is just a way for you to start creating your own individual fan base, arranging for custom work, and sharing content like audios, photos and videos that you might not want to share publicly. Fans do not have to be a member of to join your Private Posts.

We'll touch base with you regularly to make sure content you post in your private channel does not end up either publicly or as Exclusive on the main Vanilla Audio timeline, or vice versa. See the Terms below for specific details on how it works.

What to add to your Private Posts


Creators will be able to add some of their content as Private Posts, meaning this content, whether audio, video, photos or details on how to order custom audios, will be behind a 'lock screen', similar to the way Exclusives appear on Vanilla Audio. You can choose pre-set amounts that range from $5 to $100, which you can then use as payment for content, or for custom audio commissions. Here's a short tutorial on how to set these up.


terms for Private posts

Here are the general terms you agree to when you sign up for Private Posts with us:

  • We will receive the payments from fans, keep track of your sales, and send you your earnings on the first of each month along with whatever payment is due to you for audios posted on (less 20% for transaction fees imposed by Epoch (15%) and us (5%) to cover the costs of administrating everyone's accounts.

  • Creators will receive an email notification every time someone signs up for their Private Posts or buys a Special Order. You'll be able to log in to to see your stats and keep track of your sales. As with your licensed audios, all taxes, conversions and fees associated with your earnings are your sole responsibility.

  • Vanilla Audio will have no involvement in what you post to your profile (except if we post your audios to our timeline, which will appear in your profile but will not be part of your private subscription content). Your Private Posts are yours alone, you may post whatever you like there with one important proviso - your content has to fit the general tone and values of Vanilla Audio, so you may not use this platform to promote audios or content that are prohibited on Vanilla Audio - no rape, incest, age play, bestiality etc in your private channels or as Special Orders.

  • We offer no guarantees as to the quality or timeliness of updates or the delivery of custom content, and you must make this clear to your subscribers.

  • Member support questions from you or your members are to be directed to - the link to which can be found on the bottom of all emails sent to new subscribers.

  • Further details will be worked out as we go, please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

And one last thing...

We'll be offering special tips and guides on marketing yourself as a creator, but just keep in mind that as with any new venture, patience is key.


You'll need to let people know you have this channel (it's not a case of "If you build it, they will come"), you'll have to promote it in smart, non-salesy ways and you'll have to put a lot of time and effort into it. The rewards can be substantial, you'll just have to see this as a marathon, not a sprint. 


This means you will have to link to your private profile and tweet/instagram about it as often as you do any of your other platforms. Tell people this is how they can use PayPal to buy your content, and watch your sales double - but this will only happen if you let people know it's here.

If we determine that you are not posting regularly or promoting this account, it may be terminated. We don't want zombie accounts and ghosttown profiles on, so if you are having trouble keeping up with your posts, or are not sure what to do with your account, get in touch with us and we'll help you with some ideas.

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